Need a report for Total Newsletter subscribers by month

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Hi there! It looks like one of the basic reports that are missing is a report that shows Total Number of Newsletter Subscribers by month (not just new subscribers). As of now, we are unable to create it.

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Excellent suggestions. You may wish to add to a new or existing thread in HubSpot Ideas.


You'll typically get much more traction from the HubSpot Community AND the Ideas Forum is where HubSpot Product Teams monitor suggestions for popularity -- i.e., VOTES! 🙂


In the meantime, checkout Databox for some excellent HubSpot custom reporting options.


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Hi @anastasiabarre


If your subscribers are actually passing through the subscriber lifecycle stage, you could use a cumulative area graph to give you something like the data you are looking for.


Here's an example:

Reports dashboard (1).png









I've circled the areas where you need to select:


  • 'became a subscriber date'
  • area graph type
  • cumulative display option

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @Phil_Vallender!

But our subscribers are at different lifecycle stages - some are subscribers, some are leads, some are opportunities.

Also will what you suggest show all subscribers or only new by the month?