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A central tenet of inbound is putting the customer experience first. For years, this meant no advertising.


Apart from being annoying and intrusive, the tools available to a marketer to reach their target audience were extremely limited. As a result, audiences were broad, targeting was poor, and marketers were left creating eye-popping banner ads, hoping they hijacked the attention of their intended audience.


Things have changed.


Today, there is more information available to your customers than there ever has been. It seems like just about everyone has adopted the fundamentals of inbound marketing. We’re all creating blogs, emails, and social content to inform prospects about what we’re selling. Ads have become essential in cutting through the noise of a crowded information marketplace.


Along with this shift toward information abundance, we’ve seen advertising tools improve dramatically, becoming targeted, educational, often humorous, and (dare I say it?) even helpful. Well-done advertising today has fewer of the qualities associated with aggressive outbound marketing, and more of the helpful qualities of inbound marketing.


So, where do you start? With such conflicting narratives, varying best practices, and different platforms to juggle, it can be difficult to know up from down when it comes to advertising.   


That’s what the Making an Impression Series on the HubSpot User Blog is all about. Unpacking the in and outs of inbound advertising and how to incorporate it to your current strategies in a helpful and human way.


Over the next few weeks, I will be partnering with external contributors and subject matter experts to share our thoughts on advertising with you! Join us in this thread to receive biweekly updates, discuss the content of the series, and share your favorite tips, tricks, and resources. Telling the story of digital advertising is going to be all about teamwork.


So let’s get started! Sound off below and tell me how your company is currently using advertising.


Example topics:

  1. What are the burning questions about digital advertising?
  2. What are your preferred networks?
  3. How have you used advertising in your business?


 Let’s have a conversation!

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