LinkedIn and Hubspot a poor match for B2B marketing

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I find LinkedIn and Hubspot being a poor match especially for matched audiences and uploaded lists


There is LinkedIn with the core idea that the account belongs to the individual and not the company i.e. everyone have registered their LinkedIn account with their personal email. At the same time, Hubspot and all other similar providers urge all their B2B clients to always use corporate emails and even offer the service to make it impossible to insert Gmail or similar, personal emails in forms.


There is a conflict here and a poor match between LinkedIn and Hubspot for doing target audiences in B2B marketing. There is a lot of information on all possibilities with doing this but this obvious conflict is not pointed out.


I was very happy when I found this opportunity and went through all the guides to activate this integration and then picked five lists for five different video ads campaigns. But it has to be scrapped.


An uploaded list within matched audiences will only give a hit for Gmail or similar emails and I have strived for years to get rid of all these. My industry, wind energy, is small and the outcome is that I cant use this service.


So I am back to target my audience with company, country, skills etc. Many of my client owns, apart from wind turbines, nuclear, coal, hydro and solar plant and can have more than 200.000 employees so it is a major set back.


Any suggestions for how to avoid this?



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I will tag a few of our experts that can help you with this.


Hey @MFrankJohnson @shearn @Kim_HM do you have any thoughts tp share with @Tumbleweed ?


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