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Hey there - is  there a possiblity to pre-schedule a post on LinkedIn and automatically mention people via @-mention?


Until now, we only discovered, that you can mention company names, but not LinkedIn-User.

Thanks in advance!

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You can not mention any page or profile on LinkedIn while scheduling it on a prior basis from any of the tools. It has to be done manually via LinkedIn itself.



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Alright, thanks.

Could you keep us posted, if there are any updates concerning this matter? Tyvm!:)


Kind regards

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Hi, sure- will keep you posted for the same.



You can tag company pages in advance in LinkedIn using the Hubspot social schedule.

Regarding people, be default Hubspot does not allow you to tag people, however, I have seen that people who have previously been tagged in LinkedIn posts in LinkedIn can be tagged in the scheduler, but in general Hubspot does not allow this.

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Okay, got it. Tyvm!