LinkedIn Ad Traffic - Extremely Low Session Time

Is anyone else experiencing higher than normal click through rates on their LI ads, but when you look at your HubSpot reporting the high traffic has a fraction of a second as the average session time? 


I am curious if LinkedIn is directing bot traffic, because even with uninterested audiences, that time seems impossible to achieve from a human being. 


LinkedIn Ad Traffic - Extremely Low Session Time

I had the same issue.

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LinkedIn Ad Traffic - Extremely Low Session Time

Hi! I'm experiencing the same issue.


  • Having run a multi-ad campaign for 1 week, the average time for our linkedin / paidsocial traffic according to GA is 00:00:01 from 219 unique page views. Bounce is only at 6.39%, pages per session 2.76.
  • Linkedin records 310 ad clicks.
  • The Hubspot UTM tracking links indicate 269 sessions with a 97% bounce rate and a 12 second session length though.
  • Hotjar says the landing page has an average time on page 6:28, I can see movement, clicks and scroll across the page (and I've blocked our employee IP addresses from that tracking).


Safe to say, something's gone awry in the performance tracking. Would the Hubspot UTM tracking links block any stats to be recorded in GA at all?

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LinkedIn Ad Traffic - Extremely Low Session Time

Hi @SGPhealth 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts here - @christopher-RVO @NicoleSengers @APrigent do you have some thoughts for @SGPhealth on this? 


Thank you!


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