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I need to add java script code to my form

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I created a form in hubspot and include this form in my website , I need user after click submit form button , redirect to specific URL with parameters , and these parameters should contain all values that my customer entered in form.

I found in hbspot account way to make redirect URL after submit form, but I couldn't set to this URL parameters ,So I think to use javascript code to make that, And after search I found this URL

but I couldn't use it because i didn't find "Files and Templates " item under marketing in menu.
do you know why i didn't find this option ?! or do you have any idea to how solve my issue ?

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Could you try taking a screen capture of what your Marketing menu looks like?  Mine looks like this :



Like you can see it's normally under the website tab, do you have any of the bottom three tab options? If not it may be a permission issue and you may not have access if you aren't the Admin of the Account

Inbound Professor

Hi @wowdesk,


Great question! If you are not seeing the expected tools, this could be a permissions issue. I recommend reaching out to your admin to ensure you have the correct permissions to see the "Files and Templates" tool.