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Hi, we're using Google Ads autotagging with a recommended tracking template: {lpurl}?utm_term={keyword}&utm_campaign={_utmcampaign}&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=1234567&hsa_cam={campaignid}&hsa_grp={adgroupid}&hsa_ad={creative}&hsa_src={network}&hsa_tgt={targetid}&hsa_kw={keyword}&hsa_mt={matchtype}&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3


But we need to have utm_source=adwords turned into utm_source=google since we need Google Analytics to track this source properly. But from this point I suppose Hubspot is defining Google Ads by the source=adwords. Is there a way to match this?

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Hi - The auto-tagging should be linking to your google analytics account without issue.  In the admin of your Google Analytics account have you enabled linking with your Adwords account ( )? 


Also when you say it's not tracking properly what is happening?  Is it ending up in a different channel grouping then you expect? Also, utm_source should not be looked at alone for this reason as you could have a medium of ppc or organic, and in that case if you advertised and had visitors from another search engine (ie: bing) it would also have a ppc/organic medium with bing as the source since it drove in traffic from both channels.


The problem is that in Google Analytics we see leads from adwords/cpc instead of google/cpc


We have the same issue. Need "google/cpc" instead of "adwords/ppc"