Hubspot Ads: Tracking converted customers from facebook ad

Hi Everyone,


We are an online course provider and we have an external website from hubspot that hosts and sells all of our content. (Setup with hubspot code and all)


We have run Facebook ads for over a year now with many logged conversions via the facebook ads software. However when looking at the ads in hubspot there is not a single ad that records any attribution of our ads to our customers.


Screenshot 2021-02-07 210419.png


I'm not sure if it's that Hubspot cannot recognise customers converting from an external website or what but I need them to be able to sign up to an external website via an external form.


We use a zapier integration so that any new user that signs up to our site is logged in Hubspot. I would've thought that the tracking code would be able to log that too.

I'm rather lost as I would really like to see the performance of my ads reflected correctly in Hubspot. So any help would be appreciated.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hubspot Ads: Tracking converted customers from facebook ad

Hello @MichaelLee,


Wanted to bring to this conversation, some top experts to share their thoughts @KTownsend@Kim_HM @Daniel_Bleich  what would you recommend to @MichaelLee matter?


Thank you,


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