HubSpot Tracking Removed from Landing Page URL

My company recently started running LinkedIn Ads through an agency and while testing we have run into an issue where the HubSpot tracking code is being removed from the landing page URL (landing page not hosted by HubSpot, WordPress-hosted website). the LinkedIn tracking is still in the URL but the HubSpot stuff is all gone. This leads to new contacts not being associated to our LinkedIn ads.


According to HubSpot support, this is due to a redirect. When I go to our site's backend, I can not find a redirect for this specific landing page which leads me to believe this is something happening on the LinkedIn side of things.


Has anyone had similar issues and if so what was your solution?

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Hall of Famer | Partner

HubSpot Tracking Removed from Landing Page URL

Hi @ZBlankenship,


Can you share a bit more context? Are you using the HubSpot WordPress integration? Do you have any other plugins running? What was the exact reply from HubSpot support?


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