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I've been trying to create a Lead Ad through HubSpot for my college class. First of all, it will not let me watch the videos on how to create a lead ad. It only brings me to a page to  connect to my Facebook page. When I try to connect it this message pops up:


[missing “en.onboarding.wizard.banners.undefined.failure” translation]

Error: Couldn't post FB auth code
Error description: ActionWrapper failed request: FB_AUTH_CODE_SAVE_FAILED


I'm confused to why it won't connect even though I have a Facebook Ads account

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @JFoo  It sounds like it can be one of two things.


1) If you are not able to see the automated GIFs on the splash page and you are receiving a code-like error message, you may have a browser caching issue or you don't have the latest version of the browser. Chrome is HubSpot's recomended browser (although it will work in all major browsers). Whichever browser you choose, please make sure you are using the most up-to-date version. You can also clear cache/cookies as a further troubleshooting step. 


2) You must have the correct permissions in order to create Lead Ads on Facebook through HubSpot. Please review the requirements for connecting your Lead Ads account here.


If you've gone through these steps and still can't create an add, please forward screen shots of any errors you receive. I'll be happy to look further. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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Hi, I have the same problem and still can't connect my facebook account.


If this is still an issue please check out the following knowledge docs

Here is a knowlegde doc to connect a Facebook ads account with HubSpot.

Here is a knowledge doc to create a Facebook lead ad.