How can i see campaign/ADS parameters inside the lead info? (Adwords parameters)

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Is any way to do it?

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If you connect your Google Ads under the Ads section it will start to show conversion data there. It can be filtered by date range and can be broken down by campaign or campaign group and will even tell you which ad they clicked on. 


Not sure if that's what you're looking for but I hope it helps.

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i have found this plugin (HANDL UTM GRABBER) and seems it is the solution.


Hi asking_wise,

So as to view the campaign/ads parameters inside the lead info please make sure that you've synced Google Ads or any other ad platform with Hubspot. 
If yes, go to marketing>ads you can view the conversions or number of contacts created.

A better way to track the leads is by passing UTM parameters. 
If you're passing UTM parameters in all your campaigns (which ideally you should), make sure you've web analytics enabled (help guide
Once enabled, you can go to reports>Analytics Tools>Traffic Analytics>UTM parameters.
Here you can track all the contacts created/conversions happen based upon any campaigns/ads in which you're using UTM parameters

Hope this helps!