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Is there any way to connect HS to other tools but to leave our original UTM's (without HS overriding them)?

There is a post saying that if we put UTM's in Google Ads on ad level that HS won't override that UTM's, is that true and since we have a very large number of ads is there any way to keep UTMs made automatically by linking it to Google Analytics (we have like this atm and in analytics we see HS override tags on ads LP url's).

Does same thing as for Google Ads apply for Bing?

What about LinkedIn and Facebook? With Facebook, we had the same thing when connected FB and HS and we even tried to manually put UTM's in ads but all we saw in analytics were HS tags which overrides our tags (even when we opened ad settings next day, there were HS tags). 

Thanks in advance.



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Hi @Tonii,


You currently cannot connect a Bing ads account to HubSpot. We do not currently Support Bing or Linkedin.


In regards to Facebook, we do not override UTM parameters. If you have auto-tracking turned on for your ads account, HubSpot will automatically add our HubSpot specific parameters, but we will not override any existing UTM parameters on your ads. This is the case for all networks. 


If you have questions specific to your portal or set up, you also have access to HubSpot technical Support. I would recommend reaching out to them with any additional use case specific questions.


Thank you,


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