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So, I currently have Google ads auto tracking on, but I also use HubSpot custom URLs in the ad in order to be able to track them to a specific campaign in HubSpot. How does HubSpot track ad extensions like call-outs? I do not have tracking parameters on those since they are the same for all ads, so how do those clicks count toward the campaign or auto tracked metrics in HubSpot? 

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Hello @viktoriyacaneva,


HubSpot tracks Google ads by applying a tracking template at the campaign level. Any parameters specified on the account or campaign level will be merged with the HubSpot parameters at the campaign level, and will not be overwritten by HubSpot. Google auto-tagging is also compatible with HubSpot's ad tracking template.


There are a few requirements for us to be able to track : 

Requirements for tracking Google Ads

  • The destination URL in the Google ad must be a full URL and not shortened by a link shortener (e.g.,, with the exception of Link shorteners strip parameters from the end of the URL and prevents tracking.
  • Only use the final, non-redirecting version of a URL. This is because a redirect will remove HubSpot's tracking parameters. This includes http to https redirects and third-party click tracking services.
  • Customized tracking parameters should not be added at the ad group or ad level, as HubSpot's parameters do not take precedence over them.
  • Existing custom tracking parameters or tracking templates at the campaign level must either be blank or start with {lpurl} for HubSpot to track the ad.
  • HubSpot is not able to track or report on Smart Campaigns (formerly Google Express Campaigns). If your Google Ads account is in Smart Mode, your ads will not display in HubSpot. Learn how to check if your Google Ads account is in Smart Mode.


If your case is not under the requirement, you can Track Google Ads in HubSpot without the ads tool


I will be also tagging some of our top experts on this matter, @bendonahower@ShanePunt, would you like to add any other suggestion to @viktoriyacaneva question?


Thank you,


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