Google Ads Form Submission Tracking With GTM?

Hi all,


I've just refreshed my Google Ads and set up a brand new campaign. With this campaign, I wanted to review how conversions were being tracked from Google Ads as I'm not entirely sure they were accurate.


On our website, we have forms and I wanted to track HubSpot form submissions as a conversion on Google Ads without having to have a thank you page and using a thank you URL as an event so I used this guide to set up form submissions through Google Tag Manager. 


The main difference being I didn't link Google Analytics. I created the HubSpot form tag, variable and trigger as well as a Google Ads Conversion tag. I then set the trigger of the Google Ads one as the form submission.


I ran this through a test and it seems to be set up on Google Ads, but no data has come through to say there has been a submission which I think is right because I didn't go through Google Ads to submit the form.


Basically on the GTM de-bugger I submitted the form and it said the trigger form submission was fired but also the Google Ads Conversion tag.


My worry here is that, will that mean every time someone submits a form, this will fire the Google Ads GTM tag and class it as a conversion within Google Ads even if they didn't come from the ads and came from organic or direct traffic?

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Google Ads Form Submission Tracking With GTM?

That articles the old Google Universal Analytics that are being discontinued by Google as of this coming July. Can you confirm that is what you are using?  If so, I would recommend starting your migration to GA4 sooner rather than later before the old analytics are shut down.


Also - with regards to the ads, are you linking your ads to your goals?  If not, then you need to setup a tag to fire so that your goal completions are pushed to google ads as a conversion. Otherwise, while the Ads conversion tag is there, you are missing the conversion event that needs to be tracked and reported on. This linkage is typically done in your Google Ads account to link the conversion event to a GA4 event or UA GA goal.


Google Ads Form Submission Tracking With GTM?



No, I am updated and using GA4. I didn't realise that I had to set up a GA4 tag configuration for the Google Ads conversions. I thought I could just use Google Ads manual conversion set-up and create it as a tag linking to the form fill out trigger which was the HTML code. As Google Ads gave me a conversion ID and things like that when I clicked to set up through GTM.


Below are the tags I currently have set up. And when I submit a form, the form tag fires and so does the Google ads conversion one. However, I think my question more so is that every time a form is filled out even if it isn't from Google Ads traffic, will this be sent back to Google Ads saying we had a PPC conversion?


Or do I have to go through GA4 with goals and import to Google Ads.