Google Ads Conversion Tracking with Hubspot and without Google Analytics

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Hey guys,


I'm just onboarding Hubspot and I've an important question:


Google Ads is a very important Channel for me. I don't want to use Google Analytics on my page to track stuff. However, I want to track Conversions in Hubspot (for Leads) AND Google Ads for Smart Bidding. So I assume I need to use both Pixels and setup my Conversions in both systems to assure I have them in both systems or is it enough that I just set it up in one and conversions get automatically imported to the other?

Because what just come to my mind...if I just track them in Hubspot, it's quite tricky to import them back to Google Ads for my Smart Bidding since it's not automatically, right?


Cheers and thanks


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I'd personally use both pixels as it would give you the option to work in Google Ads natively which I still like to do due to the amount of features available v just managing in HubSpot (such as your use case with Smart Bidding).


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Hey Max,


We're heavy Google and Microsoft Ads as well. I use Google Tag Manager (GTM) for all tracking/pixels. That way, you can have one container (GTM code on your website) with all tracking codes. We use Analytics, HS, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn all in one container, so we have access to all platform data.


When you add the Google Ads pixel to HS, it will track ads conversions to customers. You can also set up HS events. Using GTM to set up Google Ads conversions is odd at first, but once done it's worth it from a maintenance standpoint.


What I really like about the HS-Google Ads integration is setting up audiences in HS for use with display and remarketing ads in Google. Targeting specific HS visitors works very well.


Good luck!