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We have a website that sells courses on teachable. Let's say that webiste name is abc.com (we have HubSpot tracking code installed on it). When you get to the website and click "Buy No" you get redirected to teachable site https://sso.teachable.com/abc.com


After they purchase the course they get redirected to our thank you page. Example: abc.com/thank-you. We'd like to which channel attributed last to the purchase. We run Facebook ads, AdWords, Reddit ads, Twitter, do a lot of SEO and we have hard time figuring our which channel actually was "last click attribution" channel.


Any ideas how we could tackle this problem? Are we maybe missing some "special" code on the thank you page that will tell hubspot where the sale came from?



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Hey @djoger apologies for the dealy! @Josh is this something you have experience with?

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Thanks for the ping @roisinkirby.




Definitely see the struggle here as you're dropping the tracking when you go from abc.com to teachable.com back to abc.com. I am assuming that teachable won't send you special tracking parameters or append tracking, which may be best.


Question, can you have different thank you pages for different campaigns when they are directed back from teachable.com?


If so, I would set up unique landing pages and thank you pages for each of your different mediums. This should give you the ability to track last attribution.


If that ability doesn't exist...honestly, not sure of the best solution at this point, but I'll continue to think on it!

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No, we can't have separate thank you page, unfortunately. 

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Hi @djoger, Joe Kennedy from the HubSpot Ads Product team here.  It looks like you should be able to install the HubSpot tracking code on Teachable. This way, we can track people as they come into your Teachable site through the various mediums and follow them as they move to your "abc.com" site.


Also, feel free take a look at the types of attribution reports that our Ads tool now offers. Note that four of those are only available for Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise at the moment, but "First Form Submission" is available to all Marketing Hub accounts.


In order to get these attribution reports, you will need to have our tracking parameters applied to your ads. If you have Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise, we attach our tracking parameters automatically (if you want us to), while for Marketing Hub Basic and Starter and CRM Free, you can apply them manually. More information on our tracking parameters can be found here.


Let us know if this helps you with attribution!