Facebook Lead Ads Not Showing Up or Take Hours to Appear

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We've been running lead ads for a week now and I've been noticing that leads are taking hours to show up in Hubspot, meaning were not able to respond immediately.


For instance, I have 3 submissions today.  One from 4am that still has not shown up at all.  The other two were from between 12pm-4pm and were just added at 5:39pm.


With the lower tier Hubspot paid account, is this the result of limited API calls/times or what?  All fields are mapped and have functioned fine so far, there just appears to be a very bad delay.

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Hi @resetmarketing,


It could have to do with the limit on API calls. 


I would recommend reaching out to HubSpot technical support if you see this as a constant pattern, however, to see if they can take a look into your portal's case specifically.


Thank you,

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