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We're doing some advanced advertising so are making our lead forms directly in Facebook, but want information to pass through to HubSpot correctly.


If we add some hidden fields to the Facebook Lead Form, are these passed through to HubSPot in the same way as a custom question?


Then if not, can we access the adset ID property on a new contact record so that we can manually set hidden fields via a workflow?


What we're trying to do is pass through a unique campaign and adset code to hubspot, so that our sales team can later tie back any revenue generated from a lead to a specific target audience on Facebook.



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Hi @webmonkeywatts,


Hidden form fields will not be created in HubSpot. For more information this setting, I wanted to share this resource.


Surfacing the Ad set is currently not a functionality of the tool. 


For more information on using Facebook lead ads, I wanted to share this resources: 

1. Facebook lead ads FAQ

2. Create Facebook lead ads in HubSpot


Thank you,

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