Facebook Ads (Create ad from social post)

Hi @all,


i have a question about the "Create ad from social post" we want to advertise our Blog Posts to our Audience - now the feature is working perfectly fine BUT every time I create an ad it will also create a new campaign in the HubSpot Ads tool, which make it impossible to keep track of the performance (and is to be fair very annoying...) is there a possibility to get all the Ads created from our Blog Posts on Social into one campaign in the ads tool?

We create 4-7 Campaigns a Week when we do it like this because we are Publishing 6-7 Blog Posts a week...


Here some Screenshots for clarification:

Any advice?



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Facebook Ads (Create ad from social post)

Hi @GiulianoFuchs,


Thanks for reaching out.
At the moment this is working as designed.


However, I understand that this can be challenging which is why would like to encourage you to participate in our HubSpot ideas forum.

It doesn't look like someone has posted an idea like that yet, so feel free to create one if you would like to.


Take care!


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