FB Ads Lead Attribution with HS


I have a lead magnet with a HS form on it that is set to redirect to a thank you page (via HS form settings).  The thank you page pushes a LEAD event to the FB Pixel.


As with others, I'm getting inconsistent lead event counts in FB reporting (e.g. leads in the Ad Manager). Is there a way for Hubspot to help push some of that information into FB?  I've looked at the HS ad tools and I'm not sure. 

And FWIW, I already have a Zap running that sends a HS Form Submission to the FB Conversion API as a Lead. So I'm not sure if that's all I can do or if HS can do even more.

Thanks as always!

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Community Manager

FB Ads Lead Attribution with HS

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I want to add some of our top experts to this conversation to share their thoughts @Daniel_Bleich @Mike_Eastwood any recommendations to @StPatrick?


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