Dollar-a-day Video engagement custom audiences - More than one video in the audience


When I create the 10 second video engagement audiences, do I create one audience for each campaign or 1 audience for each video?    I guess the question is  - In a video engagement audience where i include more than one video (In this case 3 videos) does some one get added to the audience when they watch just one of the 3 videos or do they need to watch all 3 to be added to the audience. 



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Hey @RCLDR you've come to the right place! @gabriel-nextiny I've noticed you've contributed some great knowledge r.e. video, do you have any insights to lend @RCLDR?


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The video gives a good conceptual overview but doesn't get into how to move someone from the 1st awareness ad to the second awareness ad. I understand how to move them from the Awareness ads to the engagement ads.

The if then isn't a facebook procedure. 

Maybe someone can give an example: Like this or correct me if I am wrong

Awareness Ad1 - audience is canadians from 18 to 64

Awareness ad 2 - Is this the same audience as above but excluding people who watched 10 sec or more of video 1

or is it just people who have watched 3 seconds or more of video 1?


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Hi @RCLDR! One engagement audience with multiple videos should target anyone who has engagemed with any of the videos.



@Quasimodo As you noted, there are multiple strategies one could use for layering awareness ads. Both the solutions you proposed could work, but the one with the 3 second engagement audience is actually a hybrid approach, where there is a 2nd awareness ad in your sequence that can be skipped by watching enough of the 1st ad. Could be an interesting experiment, but I don't think it's what the video is suggesting.


Here is a link to the video in question as context for the community: