Detailed Ads reporting for high value user traffic source

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I'm wondering if anyone has built some long-tailed ads reporting in HubSpot and could share their insights. One of the ventures we run operates on having repeat actions from a subscriber to generate revenue. Basically we want to have the visibility in one report of:

- contacts created from each campaign / ad group

- registered users from each campaign / adgroup (we use HubSpot custom events to track a sign up)

- number of completed actions (preferably as an average per user or cost per activity) from each campaign / ad group - these activities are also set up as HubSpot custom events.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Obviously the aim of the game is to generate frequently engaged leads rather than just a high volume of leads, so we are trying to get as much visibility to optimise the 'best converting' ads, groups and campaigns.

Thanks in advance

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