Deals colom is not updating but we have new customers


we have few new customers this month, but they are not adding to the total number of customers in our ad report at  
The leads are already classified as customers (happens automatically after close won status) 

what am i missing? 

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Hi @Dotan


I'm not 100% sure what problem you are experiencing, I might need more information or a screenshot to help, but if you are referring to the customers chart on the default dashboard report - this shows contacts who became customers that were first created in the time range being shown. If the contacts who became customers were created outside this time range, the chart would show zero. 


But you also mention deals in your post title. Deals are not created automatically when contacts become customers, or at any time. This means that everything related to deals - the deal pipeline, contact deal properties and company deal properties, will remain blank unless you are creating them manually as a part of the sales process. 


If I've misunderstood the issue, please respond with a more detailed description. 

Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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Hi @Dotan,


Are you still experiencing issues with Deals not showing up properly in the Ads app? As Phil mentioned in the first reply, a screenshot would be helpful to diagnose what exactly is happening. Is this happening on the Ads dashboard, or on a particular campaign details page?


Also, I assume you've gone through the initial step of setting up your ROI, by selecting "Use revenue from your CRM" option in the ROI calculation section of your Ads settings? If not, more details are available in this Knowledge Base article.