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I wonder if anyone could help me. We have managed to connect our AdWords campaign to Hubspot, but it's not syncing. HubSpot says it’s an ads tracking issue (something to do with PPC urls). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks

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Hey @vickyleadgen , 


I took a look over the connected portal but on my end it looks Google Adwords is connected properly. For context, where are you seeing the error that Google is unable to connect? 

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Hi @vickyleadgen , 


There are a few different troubleshooting tactics you can consider:


Auto-tracking is turned off: to resolve this issue, turn auto-tracking on for the ad account(s) in your HubSpot ads settings.


Insufficient permissions: if the user who connected an ads account to HubSpot does not have sufficient permissions, HubSpot will not be able to track ads for that account. To resolve this issue, ensure the user in your HubSpot account has the correct permissions for the Google Ads account.


Redirected ad URLs: redirected URLs are not compatible with HubSpot's ad tracking. URLs that redirect, including those that use link-shortening services (such as and will lose all tracking parameters during the redirect. Click tracking services that require a redirect will also remove HubSpot's tracking template. To resolve this issue, use the full, final URL for each ad, and don't use click tracking services that require a redirect.


Overriding customized tracking: in Google Ads, customized tracking parameters on the ad group or ad level will override HubSpot's tracking template. To resolve this issue, remove any customized tracking on the ad group or ad level in your Google Ads account.


Also, check out this extensive support article for more information. 


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Thanks for your suggestions. I don't think any of these issues apply to us though, I'm afraid.


Hi @vickyleadgen,


Check with URL parameters to each Google ad:


Else you can check with steps to: connect your Google Ads account to HubSpot.

Also try, without ads tools: Track Google Ads in HubSpot without the ads tool


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I'm having the same problem, everything is there in HubSpot, but the ads in Hubspot are showing as not being tracked.


I have gone through the process of removing all custom parameters and tracking templates, our URLs are not being shortened. 


What else could be the problem?


I have the same issue with a Client's account and I think it is a permission issue. The Ads Dashboard shows Impressions and Clicks, the tracking template is correctly being used in the Google Ads account. 

In the Ads Dashboard it shows no Contacts associated with the Ad Group, auto tracking is turned on. I think I read somewhere that if the permissions were not acceptable between Google and Hubspot, you would see Impressions and Clicks but not the data for the contact - Total Contacts is zero.

The Ad is set up for a destination url which contains a utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_term, in the Analytics reports of Hubspot I can track the conversions to the Campaign. But why can't I see the conversion as Total Contacts, regardless of the dropdown filter I select for First Form Submission, Influenced First Form - 

Could it have anything to do with performing A / B testing on forms? 


Should the destination URL have utm parameters at all? Before parallel tracking it was more obvious, it was cookies and query parameters -- now I am having a hard time seeing how the conversion gets hooked up with the Google Ad campaing in Hubspot.

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Hi @Dowgirl,


I connected with the team regarding this matter and they have confirmed that your set up is correct. 


The issue may be that you have not had any contacts to measure since turning on auto-tracking. We will only begin measuring contacts after this is enabled. 


General speaking for attribution, you will need to be linking to a HubSpot-tracked page in your ad, and you will need to be using HubSpot forms on those pages so we can get information about the people clicking your ads. 


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Hi there!  I am new to Hubspot and having the same issue as some other users highlighted above.  I am looking to sync Google Ads form fills to our Hubspot account.  I am seeing the conversions show up under "Network Conversions" but I am unable to view Contact Information.  I do currently have Google Analytics UTM parameters included in my final url.  Would this break the tracking?  Is there something else I am missing?  Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you! - Katie