Week 7: Advertising In a time of Crisis

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Without the right targeting, timing, messaging or tone, advertising can come across as insensitive, or just plain rude. Never is this more true than during a crisis. So, what does this mean for companies who have an honest desire to help their businesses get found online? Should they just shut their ads off and wait until the economy is in a more stable place? 


Not all advertising has to be bad during times of economic uncertainty. Advertising that is empathetic, well-targeted, and genuinely helpful can be a welcome tactic in the eyes of many buyers. This is even more true in the face of increased noise on the internet. In fact, given the volume of content online right now, to be successful your ads need to be smart, targeted, quality content. So how do you as a company pivot your ad strategy to meet the high-bar that's being set?


This week we'll unpack how to advertise with empathy during a crisis.


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