Adapt 2020: A weekly education series to help you navigate the global health and economic crisis

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Sometimes in a crisis, it can be hard to get a clear view. There have been a surge of headlines, content, and conversations about the state of business today, but finding reliable benchmarks to provide a sense of direct week over week is another matter. Over the next few months, HubSpot will be hosting Adapt: An Education Series grounded in data and trends that is focused on providing content to support you and your business during this time. 


Every week we'll provide a new topic for discussion. 


To have updates sent directly to your inbox on each week’s theme and corresponding resources and con...


Please use this Community space as your space to connect with your peers, learn from subject matter experts, and help one another throughout this series. Each week we will create a thread that corresponds with the theme of the week in order to help you foster conversations with one another. Please continue to visit this space for updates and new conversations. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to share them in this space. 


We are excited to announce that the Community will be launching a weekly newsletter on November 2, 2020!
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