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New to HS, sales team is new to CRM.  I want to set my team up (about 4 reps) without inputing their email address (I'm affraid HS will send emails to them and right now they have no idea what I'm setting up).  Can I set up a trial team and learn the system a bit before I roll this out to my team.


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There is no way to add users without having their email addresses associated with them. If you are looking to set up the portal before adding other users, I would recommend setting up the portal with just your user before adding the other users. 


When you ready to add users to your portal, you will have the option to send users a "welcome email" which is what will notify users that they have been added to your portal. If you do not want the users to receive this welcome email, you can choose to not send them the welcome email. 


For more information about adding new users to your portal, here is an article which outlines how to add new users, as well as information about the 'welcome email'.