no confirmation email on new Admin account

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Hi there, I am a brand new user.


I initially attempted to use my 'administrator' account to sign-up for HubSpot, and received no conformation email, and nothing in junk or spam. I used another domain account with the same result.


I've had to sign up with a personal email account in order to access the community, but really would like ot run Admin through my domain address -


I'm assuming there is some issue with my domain email setup that is blocking the authenicatoin email from being delivered? I have DNSSEC, DMARNC & DKIM setup, so am unclear what change I cna make in order to make this work?


Can anyone illuminate what the problem might be, and steps I can take?


Or can I leave the login as it is, and use a different email for HobSpot communication?


Thanks for any help or thoughts!

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Hi @MettaE,


If you are not receiving emails to a specific inbox from HubSpot, I would recommend going through the steps outlined here to ensure your inbox is set up to receive emails from HubSpot.


You can connect your inbox and use that email address for communication from HubSpot.


If you are still stuck after following those steps, please let us know.


Thank you,

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