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Back in the day when I created the Hubspot account, I was working for another company with a different domain name and instead of creating a new account we used this one. Naturally I want the other domain name to disappear from everywhere.

In Connected Channels, there is a HubSpot fall back address which was automatically created by HubSpot when I first set up the account. I understand that Hubspot does that to make it easier to configure workflows and automation but it has a format which includes the domain which we don't want to see anymore. (display as [username]@[subdomain]


I know that I can simply customise the from address and I have done so, but I want this automatically created address changed or removed and have no idea how...


Thanks for the help in advance!!!

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Hi @ZoltanGM,


Thanks for reaching out.

It looks like you have access to HubSpot Technical Support . As troubleshooting this further will involve sharing information specific to your account and specific examples, partnering with them will be the best next step.


Take care!



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