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ETrevena en Noviembre 29, 2023
Hi - I recently opened a Hubspot account and set it up on my Mac laptop fine. I connected to Gmail and downloaded chrome extension, all works well there. Now I want to connect to my gmail on my Windows desktop, and it just won't connect me, althou Leer más
0 Me gusta
0 Respuestas
ServiceTeam en Noviembre 28, 2023
Dear HubSpot, We changed our domain for our instance about 5 years ago. But recently discovered a remnant of our old domain within the system. To recreate the bug > Sales > Quotes > Create Quote > Associate Deal > Select Template Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Guía | Partner nivel Gold
Noviembre 29, 2023 05:24
Hi Service Team! Are you using one of the three standard quote templates (Basic, Modern, Original) or a custom quote? Standard Quotes a...Leer más
MSalam en Noviembre 27, 2023
Hub spot customer is saying my account Hub ID : 4186962; has been purged due to nonactivity. How can I get it back? purged after 210 days of inactivity
0 Me gusta
3 Respuestas
Noviembre 28, 2023 17:34
Is there anything can be done to retrive the account or the contact i do not have the backup of the contact and information that was entered there.
NSingh21 en Noviembre 26, 2023
Hello, I am trying to complete my course. but it is showing admin rights not there. I thought it was free certification course as it was written on thr first page. Can you help me with it? Thanks
0 Me gusta
10 Respuestas
Noviembre 27, 2023 10:08
Hello, I failed in one test and i tried doing it again that's when they were asking. How is it different?
DGunawan7 en Noviembre 23, 2023
Contacts in Hubspot have been deleted and we are unable to establish why and how. We find that contacts we have associated with a deal seems to have lost. All contact notes, tasks associated with the contact are all gone and we haven't been able to Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Noviembre 24, 2023 00:28
Hi @DGunawan7 , Sorry to hear, this sounds stressful. Could you confirm a few things? Are you super admins? Have you ruled out that you mi...Leer más
ghitesh11 en Noviembre 23, 2023
Hey there, Using O365 if that helps. We've connected our calendars but I'm hoping to book group meetings (internal partipants may vary) from the deal/ticket page so it logs against that record rather than going via Outlook and having to manu Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Noviembre 24, 2023 06:10
Hey Bérangère, Thanks for getting back! I did see that post earlier, so that's to create a scheduling page for clients to book in with us...Leer más
EPlumb en Noviembre 23, 2023
Hi Guys, I hope this is the right place for this. I have been usign Hubspot for a number of years and have recently changed a setting which means the contact email address every email I receive gets saved in my Hubspot contacts. The majori Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Noviembre 23, 2023 11:29
Thanks Tom, I'll test this out, I think you're right re the conversations inbox, I must have set this up accidently whilst trying to do somethin...Leer más
GLevine en Noviembre 22, 2023
Hello! I have a form on my website and anytime somebody fills out the form with a corporate email, it links the corporate copmany account to the contact created, which isn't exactly what I am looking for in this instance. I have added that specific Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Noviembre 22, 2023 09:07
Hi @GLevine , The automatic association can be switched off, see here: más
tnosugarmvp en Noviembre 20, 2023
Hello, My HubSpot account has been deleted before the November 26 deadline stated in the email reminder I got. How can I address this. All my certifications are tied to this account.
1 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Guía | Partner
Noviembre 20, 2023 05:40
Hello @tnosugarmvp Kindly follow this article and you w...Leer más
EugenieB en Noviembre 16, 2023
Hi fellow Saleshub admins, I currently do not see a way to further control deal view permissions. Specifically, my goal is to restrict view access to deals below a certain probability or stage to selected teams. Is this possible to set up? Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Noviembre 16, 2023 11:58
Hi @EugenieB , Unless this threshold in probability coincides with a handoff from one owner to another, this is indeed hard to pull off. Proba...Leer más
brandonschaefer en Noviembre 15, 2023
Currently HubSpot assigns a native name to the file. I'd like to be able to customize it so when I download it to my desktop it's easy to know what it is already.
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Noviembre 15, 2023 07:19
Hi @brandonschaefer , Unfortunately not, no. This is however something which makes a lot of sense and you could request it in the HubSpot Idea...Leer más
YBICA en Noviembre 14, 2023
Hi, I am trying to update a list of a few contacts to add a tag to them, I have their email addresses on a google sheet and I want to update all contacts that are on that sheet should be tagged a certain way. Please note this is not about im Leer más
0 Me gusta
1 Respuestas
Miembro del salón de la fama | Partner
Noviembre 14, 2023 10:13
Hi @YBICA , You can use Zapier for this: The trigger would be...Leer más
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