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GVASE on Setembro 29, 2023
Bonjour, J'aimerais savoir comment mettre en paysage sur une tablette ? Cordialement
0 avaliações positivas
0 Respostas
SJobbsprek on Setembro 28, 2023
Hey I’ve recently started as a digital marketer at a company. We have three free accounts but unfortunately we don't have access to one of them. The person who's been working in the marketing departement before is the only Super Admin of that accou Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
4 Respostas
Setembro 28, 2023 18:53
Unfortunately we're currently using a free plan so we can't contact support. I've tried to contact them through form submission, so hopefully they ca...Leia mais
RChurch on Setembro 28, 2023
My (free) account was deactivated and unaccessible. Any way to get it reactivate it? The Community remembered my phone number and login or I wouldn't have been able to post this. But my account may be a different matter. It says it was deactivated Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Top colaborador(a) | Parceiro
Setembro 29, 2023 04:32
Hey @RChurch Free accounts will be deactivated after 120 days of inactivity. you can submit a request for your account recovery here : ...Leia mais
TFoerster on Setembro 28, 2023
I create the below settings for a Preset and assign it to a Team. The Preset shows as active, but when Team members log in, they aren't greeted with the specified Dashboard. What am i doing wrong??
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Gerente da Comunidade
Setembro 28, 2023 16:45
Hi @TFoerster , Thank you for the details and the screenshot. The presets serve as default settings, but individual users can customiz...Leia mais
TDAdmin on Setembro 28, 2023
Hello, I need some help. I've reviewed previous threads and official HS docs i.e Requirements for a Reply to Log Here's the issue: Our Front Desk sends email messages to new contacts from Hubspot. When the patient responds, their reply does no Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Setembro 29, 2023 09:03
Hello @BérangèreL Thanks for your reply. I realized my mistake later in the day. We have two companies in Hubspot. After more research we realize...Leia mais
GMollevanger on Setembro 28, 2023
Hi, I want to keep using my own domain host for sending and receiving emails. With my previous marketing company, they had to change the MX or TXT records so that I continue to use the email while the DNS was set to them. Since changing to Hubspot Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
5 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Setembro 29, 2023 12:12
So i took the 14 day free trial to speak to support and found out you can add the MX record at the DNS level of your domain registrar. So yes solved,...Leia mais
CAR2023 on Setembro 27, 2023
We had an account with HubSpot The problem is that we didn't have access to the email, and we only now saw that it would be deactivated. That's why we're getting in touch, because we want to keep our account and the data it contained there, which is Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Conselheiro(a) de destaque
Setembro 27, 2023 08:50
agreen18 on Setembro 27, 2023
Hi guys, I have a question about the email settings. Maybe someone can help me. That would be great! I have a private e-mail which I have connected to Hubspot so that I can see incoming e-mails in Hubspot. Now the problem is that since the Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Autoridade no assunto | Parceiro Diamante
Setembro 27, 2023 17:47
Happy to help @DianaGomez , quick question @agreen18 - did you connect your personal email or to a conversations inbox ?
AFCS on Setembro 24, 2023
I am trying to publish an update to Blog Listing Page, but it is telling me that I am "not authorized". I am the only user of the account, and I am a super admin. I downloaded the free Infinity theme from the Marketplace, because I didn't like t Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Setembro 24, 2023 15:02
In the version history, it also shows the draft version as being created by an "unknown user" not me. And I received this error message: An erro...Leia mais
trickyjimz on Setembro 23, 2023
Hi, I'm trying to get Wordpress and Hubspot to connect but all I keep running into is the same issue. refused to connect. I've tested 2 Browsers now and cleared my cache and made sure 3rd party Cookies is allowed Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Conselheiro(a) de destaque
Setembro 24, 2023 12:01
Are you trying to install the plugin? I would ditch it personally. It doesn't offer a lot of value. Instead I would recommend implementing the Hubspo...Leia mais
JWild5 on Setembro 21, 2023
Up until a week ago I was receiving an email notification when someone submitted a form. Now I am not receiving them. Any ideas please? I'm a super user and have double checked the notification settings but can't see anything wrong. Many thanks
0 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Setembro 23, 2023 04:44
I have now sorted this, there was an unknown user in the options section of the form itself that it tried sending the emails to. Thank you all fo...Leia mais
PJesus on Setembro 20, 2023
Hello, I've my iphone default language set and Portuguese from Portugal. As Hubspot mobile only supports Portuguese from Brazil, I want to have my Hubspot app using English instead, but I do not want to chnage the defualt language of the phone. H Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
4 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Especialista reconhecido(a) | Parceiro Elite
Setembro 21, 2023 12:52
Hey @PJesus I tried changing the app to Portugues and works fine maybe you can check the software version you have? Here's an article...Leia mais
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