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  • Marco_RR on October 11, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hello communicty, I have a bit of a struggle figuring out how I can prevent users from removing the association between the company they own and their contacts. In my use case, the users need to be able to edit their contacts and companies, but id...
    Contributor | Platinum Partner
    October 14, 2021 08:12
    Thanks for clarifying @Marco_RR . Unfortunately, I don't see a solution for you based on your requirements and given the way setting HubSpot user ...
  • Solved
    Augustus on September 30, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hi - in the user permission settings, I see that there is an option to restrict the ability to Delete objects. Is there a way to restrict ability for users to create certain object types, particularly custom objects?
    October 04, 2021 19:31
  • Solved
    BCascone on June 28, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi, I am attempting to take a folder structure and the contents of it from the marketing section and copy it to a read only folder in the sales section. The reasoning behind this is marketing is alway making content for our products and up...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    June 28, 2021 23:00
    Hi @BCascone , Can you please tell us where these marketing and sales folders you are referring to are located? Did you create thee folders in you...
  • Solved
    AllyJ on June 18, 2021
    2 Replies
    One of our clients pointed out that after she signed her quote, the confirmation email comes from HubSpot Sales and not from our company. How do we change this to come from one of our company email addresses?
    Most Valuable Member
    June 19, 2021 21:41
    Hi @AllyJ , Unfortunately this isn't possible at this stage, there aren't any specific settings for that. There are two related requests...
  • Solved
    JonDFreeman on June 08, 2021
    1 Replies
    For instance, they want to enter first name, last name and company in Kanji characters. Has anyone encountered this request and what did you do? Jon
    Most Valuable Member
    June 08, 2021 20:48
    Hi @JonDFreeman , Japanese is a HubSpot supported language . I'm managing a couple of portals with contacts and companies entered with Japane...
  • CUtcke on June 08, 2021
    6 Replies
    We created accounts for our team and they received invitation emails. However, when they click on "Log in to HubSpot" we get this error message: We couldn't create a new HubSpot account. This is because this email is still pending confirmation ...
    June 30, 2021 05:52
    HI Sharon, How am I supposed to check which portal they have associated when I can't get logged intot he account to see the Hubspot sales extension? ...
  • Solved
    Ivanjlares on May 18, 2021
    2 Replies
    We have two sales reps, who didn't work out, we let them go, we don't want to lose data, and we need to restrict access as they are no longer employees. As for reporting, we need to report on all the conversations, meetings, deals, won/close, on al...
    Most Valuable Member
    May 18, 2021 20:52
    Hi @Ivanjlares , until the feature request shared by @natsumimori gets fulfilled, your best option would be to create a role for these users...
  • BLerner5 on May 09, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hello! I am hoping someone can help as I cannot reach support via phone or chat! I had access to about 6 accounts for my freelance clients and attempted to remove one from my "All Accounts" page however I removed my entire account (the one c...
    Member | Gold Partner
    May 11, 2021 01:03
    Yes all has been taken care of by an amazing support agent Amy (Dont know her last name). She really went above and beyond to help and keep me upda...
  • Solved
    KRo1 on April 14, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hi all, We have just started using hubspot in the free version, we've integrated our website forms with hubspot, and I have a technical issue. For some reason, all submissions I make from the website from my computer get added into the sam...
    April 14, 2021 05:05
    Thank you!!!
  • Solved
    RLV2525 on February 02, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi everyone, I would like to create a new property in the Sales Hub which is a calculation based on other properties that prospects can fill in on a landingpage. Basically, it is a score (in percentage) to see how much efficiency the prospects a...
    February 04, 2021 02:01
    Hi @karstenkoehler , The problem is solved. It was quite a bypass within Hubspot, but I have done the following: Property First Calculation In...
  • venkatrangan on October 30, 2020
    1 Replies
    Hi, I am using the API Key method to update contacts using REST API. I get a failure: This hapikey (<key>) does not have proper permissions! (requires all of [contacts-write]) The scopes are defined as below. How do I fix this? ...
    Key Advisor | Gold Partner
    October 30, 2020 17:11
    HI @venkatrangan The API Key is good for tests but you'll want to set up OAuth to get everything working correctly. Have fun Mike
  • susilovati_cds on October 08, 2020
    1 Replies
    Hi Community, So we had a need to import a number of contacts into HubSpot. The companies associated with these contacts already exist in the CRM. I went ahead and did the import but HubSpot re-created existing Companies such that now we have so...
    HubSpot Employee
    October 08, 2020 06:43
    hi @susilovati_cds Here are a few things to note in relation to the issue you're facing: - When a new company is added through import, H...
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