What is Company Section in Contact Used For?



i am new to Hubspots CRM, and i am seeing the Company Section in the Contact menu. I have 3 Websites in Total. The first website was added when i first created the account. The other 2 websites, as the Free Version did not allow to add them as domains,  were added in this Company Section. But the thing is that, since i am a begginer in using Hubspot i can't Tell the main difference of using The Company Section as it did allow me to add these other 2 websites and their domains. Although i did read that Contacts could be added manually, i just wanted to ask ... is there a way to automatically add Contacts from the respective websites to these 2 added companies ? 


I know that the question is a bit confusing as the Free Version strictly tells that there is no way to add automatic contacts to Secondary Domains, unless its a paid Version of the CRM, but still i would like an Expert Confirmation about this!


Thank you all in advance,


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Community Manager

Hi @elsidmalasi,


Do you mind sharing your specific roadblock (are you looking to have HubSpot forms on multiple domains? Have HubSpot forms on multiple domains?) and what your end goal is? 


I understand you are looking to associate multiple domains with HubSpot. If you can share more insight in regards to adding contacts into your portal, that would be great!


The more information, screenshots and examples you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,