What happens when I delete a user? What information is retained?


I would like to add a user to my hubspot account so we can work on files together. I do not however want this person to see all my files, which it seems i can control with viewing permissions. I want them to be able to add new leads for the company but if at a later time they choose to leave or their access is turned off will I be able to retain the information they added to the system, OR will it go away with them?

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Hey @Kurtiso this is a great question. 


If you remove a user from your account, the contacts, companies, and deals owned by that user will now be owned by a "Deactivated User". You may want to reassign their contacts, companies, and deals to existing owners before deleting the user.


For full details on what happens when you delete users and how you can transfer ownership / record assignment, please check out this article: If I delete a user, what will happen to their owned contacts, companies, and deals in the HubSpot CR...

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Hi @roisinkirby, we have recently deleted a user in our portal. Do you know what his contacts will see when emailed via automated workflows? Will they still see his name or no user? Thanks!