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Verification code sent to inactive email addressccount

I've been using Hubspot CRM through a specific email account named beginner piano  for a long time. Recently the server for this email address was shut down, such that the email address now doesn't work anymore. Unfortunately I did not react fast and update the login email address to Hubspot, meaning that I now no longer can log in. I am currently traveling, so this may be why Hubspot sent me a verification code - that never happened before. Hubsput must be able to see that the email bounces due to the email address not existing anymore. Can someone help me to access my account?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Verification code sent to inactive email addressccount

Hello @Ronaldo12 


Could you please submit this information such as the account ID, old email, and new email on this form at the end of this page here 


Someone from our team will assist you further.




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