Urgent! - Revert Account Deletion via "Security"




I am hoping someone can help as I cannot reach support via phone or chat!


I had access to about 6 accounts for my freelance clients and attempted to remove one from my "All Accounts" page however I removed my entire account (the one connected to my email address) via the "Security" tab in settings.  


I lost access to all accounts as as my personal Solutions Provider account.   Can anyone please help me revert the changes?  I have urgent things for clients!

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Community Manager

Hi @BLerner5 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I can see you managed to contact our support team and that this issue is now solved, if this is not the case I'd recommend following up on your ticket as they will be better able to investigate further!


Thank you

Have a good day, 


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Yes all has been taken care of by an amazing support agent Amy (Dont know her last name).   She really went above and beyond to help and keep me updated on the status of things.   Thank you!