Unexpected behavior with forwarded email in Conversations Inbox

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We have set up a Conversations Inbox so that all of our incoming emails can be managed from HubSpot. It has worked well except for one issue: if a contact forwards us an email, HubSpot registers that in our Conversations Inbox as an email from the person who sent the original email (that the contact then forwarded). There's no indication that we've received an email from our contact (which is an issue)


A small example:


1. Person1 emails Contact1

2. Contact1 forwards that email to us, adding some info

3.  Our Conversations Inbox shows an email received from Person1, which includes the text that Contact1 added when forwarding the email but doesn't register the sender as Contact1.


Oddly, the "to" field shows "support@ourdomain.com (via Contact1email@domain.com.com)


In other words, Contact1's email is showing up in the "to" field as the "via" party. I know that HubSpot has functionality around forwarding email and associating with contacts, but I this is a distinct issue, and I don't think this should be the intended behavior for the Conversations Inbox. Is this a bug that the Conversations Inbox team is working on? 


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Hi @galenweber,


Thank you for your feedback. I have connected with the product team on this matter and the functionality of the email being associated with the original email sender is working as designed. 


I will share your feedback and use case with the team. 


Thank you,


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Hi Jenny,


Thanks for your response. If this is functioning as designed, then I really think the design doesn't make sense. Think about how any standard email inbox works: if Rando1 emails Friend1, and Friend1 forwards that email to me, my inbox shows an email from Friend1, not Rando1.


Is there any other email inbox that functions like this? If no other inbox works like this, isn't it fair to say that it's going to be unexpected behavior for HubSpot users?