Unable to delete the additional account that got created with Marketing

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One of my teammates was trying to use the marketing Free version and send out a few emails however, because of this another Account ID also got created for him which is now conflicting with the earlier one.

He was already using the Sales Starter on the previous account ID.

Due to using the marketing tool, when i assigned him contacts, they got assigned to the new ID instead of the previous one where Sales Starter is taken.



I want to delete this new ID created because of marketing. How to do that?

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Hi @sgupta,


Are you looking to delete a whole portal? A user in the portal? I am not clear on what is associating wrong. 


If you can share more information and specifics, I am happy to advise on best next steps! The more screenshots, details and information you can provide, the better the Community can assist!


Thank you,

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