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Hi all,  


I am trying to work out a way to have two Contact Owners (Users) access one account.  I have added one Contact Owners field and that works fine.  I originally asked Hubspot for help with this and they suggested creating a Contact Owner 2 field and chosing Hubspot user dropdown  which I have done.  This works fine and emails the 2nd Contact Owner (user) by email to let them know an account has been allocated to them but when you click the link, you can see the file and then when you go back to Accounts, it is not there?  


Can anyone help with this please.  No one is online at Hubspot to ask for help.  

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Hi @TanyaP,


Creating a second field for the second owner would be the best way to associate both users with the account.


I am not sure I understand where you are getting stuck/where the user is losing access the the account. Would you be able to send a video of what you are experiencing/additional information explaining the issue?


Thank you,

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Hi Jenny.


Thanks for your response.  Creating the second Owner is fine but the system sends you an email to say you have been allocated as the second Owner but when you click on it, it goes to the file and when you exit out of the file,  the file is gone and it is not visibile in your list of contacts.


I have gotten around it by creating a new contact in duplicate.  Just not putting the email address on it as I don't need the emails to have records on them.  


Thanks for that.  Hopefully this will work out as I can't see another way without creating lots of teams which I can't do in the free version.