Superadmins (NEW ONLY) not receiving notifications


I think this may be a software bug at HubSpot's end.


Previously, when I've added a new superadmin, and enabled all notifications, they've receive notificiations (just as I do, as the original superadmin).


Now, this no longer works. Despite having all the same settings enabled, any new superadmins do not recieve notifications: of new leads, of contacts assigned to them - nothing.


Things I've tested...


Organistional/spam filter: no. I've set up two superadmin accounts, one on a company email, one on a private gmail. Same problem on both accounts.

Non-superadmin: these users DO still receive notifications

Original superadmin: I'm still receiving notifications as normal.


Is this a known problem, or potentially a new bug? Appreciate any help we can get.




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Community Manager

Hey @PTomlinson 


Thank you for reaching out!


Could you please check if all the emails received from are going to a specific client folder, where you receive any notifications?

Sometimes, email providers have security filters. In order to avoid this in the future, I'll recommend reaching out to your IT team in order to add to your email server allowlist, as explained here.


I hope this helps




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