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Super Admin can't edit access and permissions

I am having the exact same issue. This started 4 weeks ago at the same time we bought our first starter pack. I've been going back and forth with HubSpot and they've moved me to a different package (from CRM Starter to Marketing Starter), thinking that this would make a difference. But it hasn't. It seems the super admin supposedly has super admin rights, but actually only has limited rights. All other users' permissions were automatically set back to 'view-only', and I (super admin) cannot change them.

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Super Admin can't edit access and permissions

Hi @JHogg9,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and for sharing your experience with us.

I apologize for any data or business impact this may be causing. 


I would encourage you to continue working with our technical support team and HubSpot representative on this issue as the Community doesn't have access to your account. Our support and customer success teams will be your best point of contact for this issue as they can better assist with this issue with troubleshooting tools.


Thank you,


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