Some kind of Ninja, maybe?


Last week or so I signed up for a HubSpot, we are considering integrating HubSpot services to assist us with our marketing on a few site and upcoming projects...


I have not as of this time set anything up at all, I think I placed the tracking for a single site, Step 1 right? But have been far too busy with developing a new platform to get back to the efforts of integrating HubSpot.


This morning I was perplexed by an email "New submission on Collected Forms "#commentform .comment-form"

I never installed any HubSpot forms on the page in question, the form I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to integrate HubSpot's API into is not on this page, there are all kinds of fields and things on this form that I have never set up. Just in case I was drunk developing (hasn't happened in years) (really) (no I mean it I don't even drink) I checked the page in question and this page has no forms...


So the question is can anyone help me figure out where this possible Ninja form came from and where it is, I'm not comfortable not know or even being able to see this Ninja form that is collecting data...

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Community Manager

Hey @MatthewT


Can you link to the page the form submission came on? 


It is also worth noting that the collected forms tool will scrape all forms on your website, so if you have collected forms turned on, this could be where the submissions are coming from.