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Snippets ot visible for everyone in team

The snippets created by anyone in my team are visible for everyone except for one of the three free accounts. 


The colleague can see 3 of our oldest sniuppets, but not any of the snippets created or adjusted since that day.


We've tried both the Gmail and Outloook app, neither of them work.

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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner

Snippets ot visible for everyone in team

@JGayman this may seem like a silly question, and I apologize. However I've made this mistake before so I'm sharing it with you now. Is the team member sure they're searching under Owner = Any like this: 


Another idea is that it's a glitch, and maybe they need to sign out and sign in to refresh the account? 


Final idea: Have you contacted Support? They may have insight as well. 


Good luck! 


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