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I am looking for a solution where I can assign companies and contacts to sales agents which is exactly what hubspot does. At the moment I want agents to simply log in and select a company and answer 5 or 6 very simple questions such as when they visited the company, if they left a catalogue and when their next appointment is. I need it really simple for them. 


Is it possible to set it up that way? At the moment there is just too much information when a user logs in and fields which are not needed. 

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Hi @Ben82937465,


You have a few options: 

1. Set which properties show when you are creating a company record

2. Set which properties show in the about section for a company record


@Tnichs@StephanyWHP do you have any tips for @Ben82937465 in regards to setting up company and contact profiles in HubSpot? 

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Is there any information they don't need to fill out in the Company Properties but that you'd prefer to be visible? 


If not, you can restrict what shows for the About section in the Company record. Just follow the below steps:


Settings > Contacts & Companies on left side bar > Companies > Set the properties your team sees on company records > Manage


From there, add any properties you want to be seen and remove any you don't. You can always view all properties at any point by clicking "View all properties" at the bottom of the About section (when viewing the account). 


My team requires a lot of information be available at a glance to a variety of users, and not all fields are required by all users, so a general rule for most records is the first 10 (in our case) are mandatory unless it's not applicable to that particular account. However, it sounds like there isn't a lot of info you need to be seen on a regular basis, so I would just pare it down and you can always reference things on a one-off basis in "View all properties"