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I think, a lot of small businesses will agree with me, that initial number of users for Sales Professional that starting from 5 users is too much. In case of 1 sales rep, the price 400$ for 1 sales rep too much as well. In our company we have just one sales rep, in case that we are online service, but we need all the features from Sales Pro, and first of all Sales automation, Lead scoring and Products. That factor stops us to start using Hubspot despite the fact that we love Hubspot. And we are ready pay more for 1 user, but not 400$. Is it possible to create Sales Professional plan for 1 user?

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Hey Viktor, thanks for posting! While I totally understand where you are coming from regarding wanting to only be able to buy one seat of Sales Professional, that's no longer an option with the new package that we released in November 2017. That being said, there's a workaround for just about everything.  Maybe you could do something like create a custom property to hold that data? While you wouldn't have the complete reporting that comes with products, you could still be able to hold and view that data in an effective way. Definitely let me know if you have any questions about this... happy to help!