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When I publish a blog post, the post title automatically becomes the url. And when I have a post with accents (á, é, í, ó), Hubspot automatically encodes with special characters. Is there a way to just remove the accent and keep the letter without it?


For example, my url:ência-privada-pode-ajudar-na-sucessão-patrimon...

Hubspot changes to:


Url that I want:

(just removed the accent from "previdência" and "sucessão" without adding any special characters).


This is something very important for SEO, because they are important keywords.

I know that I can change the url manually, but there is a way to make this url changing automatically when creating a new post?


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Rafael Maciel.

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Hi @rafaelmaciel 


I don't know of a way to do this automatically, but you could perhaps remove the special characters from your blog post title when first creating it, for example, "Como a previdencia privada pode ajudar na sucessao patrimonial" and then once you have published the post and the URL is set, immediately change the title to "Como a previdência privada pode ajudar na sucessão patrimonial". Changing the post title shouldn't change the URL once the post is published.


Worth noting that while the characters may be encoded in the backend of Hubspot, Google Chrome is displaying the characters correctly:




and I see other pages in Google's index displaying such characters correctly too:



Google has said using such characters in URLs is OK.



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