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Removing Old Super Admins on Account

I need to remove the old two Super Admins on the account, and add two new employees as the admins. I do not have contact with the old Super Admins who no longer work at the company, and I do not have authority or access on our account to remove them. Can someone please guide me to someone who can change the admins on the account or grant me access to?

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Guía | Partner nivel Diamond

Removing Old Super Admins on Account

Hi @GSosnowski ,

You need to have an access to the same id to login to the super-admin account.
If you have paid subscription, ask hubspot support to help you out by clicking blue help button at the right bottam of your account.

Hope this helps!

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Administrador de la comunidad
Administrador de la comunidad

Removing Old Super Admins on Account

Hello @GSosnowski 


We usually recommend before a super admin leaves the company, to assign another user to be a super-admin since only super admin can give permission to another super admin. (More information here


If his user or your IT team has access to his email you are able to log into the account and change the Superadm permission.


If that does not work, in order for us to continue investigating, could you please fill the form at the end of the page here, with all the information including the super admin email.


Thank you,




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