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Permissions with Nested Teams on Forecast Submissions

I have a user that would l like permission to "view" the notes on another user's Forecast Submission. 



Is this the correct place to edit this? Also, if I change to forecasts their teams own, how does that work with nested teams? I have a main Sales team, under that Region, then Territory. I would only want them to edit their Territory rather than Region and main Sales team would be everyone. 





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Permissions with Nested Teams on Forecast Submissions

Hey @AMaier44,


It looks like you are in the right section for editing permissions related to viewing and editing forecasts by different teams.


To ensure that a user can only "view" the notes on another user's Forecast Submission and that nested team permissions are correctly set, follow these steps:

  1. Permissions Setup: In the "Forecasts" section where you are, make sure the "View" permission is set to allow viewing forecasts they own or forecasts their team owns, depending on your organizational hierarchy and privacy requirements.

  2. Nested Teams: Since you mentioned you have a structure of Region, then Territory under a main Sales team, you'll want to carefully assign permissions so that each level can only edit within their scope. This means setting permissions for each sub-team (Territory) under the main team (Region) to ensure they can only edit their own territory's forecasts.

  3. Specific Edits: If you only want them to be able to edit their Territory rather than Region and the main Sales team's forecasts, you would need to customize the permissions at each level of the team hierarchy in HubSpot. Make sure that the permission settings for the Region and main Sales team are set to restrict editing to only their specific forecasts.

  4. Changes and Impact: Be aware that changes you make in the permission settings might affect how teams access and interact with forecasts. It's good practice to communicate these changes ahead of time and ensure that all team members are clear on their access levels.

If your current settings do not allow for such granular control or if implementing these changes is complex, it might be helpful to consult with HubSpot's support team for guidance on setting up nested team permissions effectively.

Avi Afriat
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Community Manager

Permissions with Nested Teams on Forecast Submissions

Hey @AMaier44, thank you for posting in our Community!


Super Admins and users with Add and edit user permissions in your HubSpot account can change a user's permissions. Users will need to log out of the account and back in before updates to their permissions will take effect.


I want to share this knowledge base here with more information.


To our top experts, @Lucila-Andimol and @LouiseHare do you have any recommendations for @AMaier44 matter?


Thank you,


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