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Not getting bell notification

I am not getting any type of bell notifications on emails that are opened or replied to. We are using Gmail and have installed the extension as well. We have removed and reinstalled the extension, turned off all notifications, then turned back on and still get nothing when an email has been opened or when they reply. Any ideas on how to resolve?

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Not getting bell notification

Hi @restep 


When you log into your HubSpot instance go into the top right and click the settings cog. 


On the right under Your preferances click Notifications


Here you can check what is already set and change the notification settings. 


Kind regards!


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Community Manager

Not getting bell notification

Hello @restep , thank you for providing details.

Could you please check if there are any changes under your notifications settings (more information here)? Also, I would recommend clearing your browser cache to ensure you will receive these notifications.


I hope this information helps.


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