New user not receiving welcome email: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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If you are adding users to your portal and they are not receiving the welcome email in their inbox, please ensure you follow the steps outlined below before posting: 


1. Check junk/spam folders


2. Verify the email address spelling is correct


3. Follow the steps outlined in this article


These steps include: 

Whitelisting the following email addresses: 


Whitelisting IP addresses (see in article


4. Resend the invitation 

You can do this within your portal by navigating into settings>users & teams>search for the specific user who has the pending invitation and resend the email. 


If you are still stuck after following those steps, please share: 

1. Email address of the user

2. Portal you are trying to add the user to

3. Confirm where in the process the user is getting stuck

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